I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told I look like Peter Pan, so it was somewhat of a relief to grab some green tights and frolic barefoot around for a few days, scaring off dozens of tourists who I’m pretty sure just thought I was an elf. Neverland was shot in 3 days in southern, eastern, and western Iceland in mid-June during the week of the midnight sun. I was up north for a wedding commission that weekend and wanted to shoot a personal series alongside wedding photos (stay tuned!). Beyond my resemblance to Pan, the series resonated with me on a deeper level as I was able to take on the boy who never grew up just 3 days before I graduated high school. It was a daydream come to life, a display of color and whimsy and magic that couldn’t have been made possible anywhere else but Iceland. 

Endless thank-yous to Nick Genau and Jen Grayburn for making the whole thing possible and enduring odd stares all weekend every time I hopped out of the car in green tights :) 

 Oh, and super excited to announce that Neverland will be the subject of my first solo exhibition next month! More information on that coming very shortly – keep updated on my Facebook or Instagram for the official announcement.

Because I was only in the country for a brief period of time, most of the photographs I took were either for Neverland or the wedding, but I did grab a couple snaps on my camera and Nick took a few on his phone as well, so here it is, some sort of epic Icelandic behind-the-scenes from the most beautiful country in the world:  

Bonus: me dressed as peter pan after I fell off an iceberg into the atlantic for a shot that DIDN’T EVEN TURN OUT.

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